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Our Story

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Our Story: Text

We are Miles and Jennifer Mentzer. We are a mix of city and country. Jennifer grew up in Wichita, Kansas while Miles grew up on a third generation family farm just a few miles down the road from where we now live. We have two incredible children, Isaac and Faith, who love living in the country and enjoy the freedom it offers.

In 2018, we moved back to Iola, Miles’s hometown, after living in Arkansas for three years. Farming was something Miles wanted to get back to but he was not sure what that looked like for our family. In 2019, after visiting a pumpkin patch for Faith’s birthday, Miles had a lightbulb moment. After a lot of prayer and research, in 2020, we decided to start Mentzer Family Farm and try our hand at pumpkin farming. We grew 13 varieties our first year on half an acre. This year, we are growing 51 different varieties on three acres. 

We were amazed by the support we received last year and are excited to show you the changes we have made this year.

-Miles, Jennifer, Isaac and Faith

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